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Grande Duchesse Marie White Sweet

Grande Duchesse Marie White Sweet

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In several locations and designations throughout the region, sweet white wine is made from Sémillon, Sauvignon white and Muscadelle grapes affected by noble decay. The best-known of these appellations is Sauternes, which also has an official classification, where some of the world’s most popular sweet wines are produced. There are also titles neighbouring Sauternes, on both sides of Garonne River where similar wines are being made.These include Loupiac, Cadillac, and Sainte Croix du Mont. The regional designation for sweet white wines is Bordeaux Supérieur white wine. 

Grapes :


Sauvignon white


Country of Origin: France


Alcohol: Alcohol level of is  11 % Vol

Serving Temp:  Room (42.8 – 46.4  ºF / 6 – 8 ºC)

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